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Real Granite Without The Price

There’s a scene in the 2009 movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ which takes place in one of those big hardware stores. One of the cast is trying to persuade the other they should buy a laminate because it looks like the real thing and only costs half the price. She explains she’d always know and so it would take away her delight.

stone remnants wexford pa

It is a scene from real life that must have been played thousands of times over. The real thing is expensive, but what are the alternatives. When it comes to kitchen refurbishment no matter what happens you’re looking at a hefty price tag and one of the key pieces is the countertops.

Everyone wants them, but they come at a huge price, right? Well, it turns out there is an alternative, stone remnants wexford pa.

Here’s how it works; you (carefully) measure your spaces and head into the showroom where the lovely people there who know something about granite and other top quality materials will work with you to get a granite countertop at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new slab.

This is an approach that makes sense for you, for the dealer and for the environment too. Granite is mined from the earth and then shipped around the world. It is a costly endeavor and when it is wasted there is more than just the stone that goes in the trash.

These are not flawed pieces by the way. They are remnants, the pieces that are not used or were ordered by mistake. When you look at a granite countertop you’ll see exactly the same quality stone you would if you were buying new.

So perhaps you can have the finish you want at the price you want it.