The Airport Master Plan

airport master planning consultants

It might sound like some villain plot from an old cartoon, but the airport master plan has moreĀ… noble implications. When an airport is built, it’s a massive undertaking that has major effects on the community of people that live and work around it. So, while short term plans for an airport are well and good, eventually they evolve into a master plan that keeps the requirements expected from the airport met.

The plan is basically a framework for the short, medium, and long term goals and needs of the airport as time marches on. The plan is often one that stretches out for 20 years and is adaptable enough to work with the dynamic changes in the industry and community. If the community is growing, then the airport industry is going to have to grow too. Often, airport master planning consultants will be called in to help out.

The goals of a master plan talk about the future needs and development of the airport (such as needing more warehouse space, another runway, more planes, etc.) as well as a proposed time frame for when the development will be installed. The plan also discusses how the developments will be paid for, and the type of financial plan needed.

Then the master plan is validated and changes are made before it is presented to the public so they can weigh in and offer their questions and suggestions. Finally, the plan is acted upon continually, with more changes being made as the world of aviation changes.

So it takes a lot to keep an airport well done in today’s world, but the master plan enables contractors, developers, and the public to keep an eye on how the airport would expand, as well as the effects it would have on the areas around it. Then everyone can watch the airport grow.